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Training & Consultancy

User knowledge on complex and often changing rules of different Provincial & Federal Government Taxes in Canada can help you economize your tax payment. How much you pay can be greatly influenced by your knowledge on Canadian Tax rules. We’re familiar with a number of methods of increasing your chances of lowering your pay-out of income taxes. Undergoing our training, you know how to save your money. We pride ourselves on being the private business owners’ personal adviser.

We closely work with our clients to put plan into action, using tax-efficient methods that allow for maximum wealth protection while minimizing your taxes.

Areas of Training

1. Staff training on sales tax, rules and procedures to businesses operating in Canada.

2. Apprenticeship Training on Tax Credit

3. Accounting Program Selection & Training

4. Training on Information Systems support.

5. Training on Internal Audit Techniques and Tools.

Areas of Consultancy

1. Evaluation of Investment Opportunities and/or Investment Alternatives

2. Personnel Recruitment and Compensation Packages

3. Preparation of Comprehensive Business Plans and bank financing proposals

Assisting New Business Start-Up’s Insurance Planning

Corporate Social Responsibility activities:

1. Setting up Blood Donation Camps

2. Feeding the Poor

3. Donation of Sports Equipment in Schools

4. Provide computers and free training for students in rural areas

5. Get affiliated with an NGO

6. Free medical camps for the backward regions

7. International Scholarships for students from backward regions

Success: Error free tax accounting, CRA rewards, etc.