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Tax Compliances

We help businesses to overcome the complexity of tax compliance

As Canadian businesses experience multi­-layered tax system with highly complex rules, and rapid changing behavior of tax laws, it is a severe headache for them to fairly pass the hurdles. When it comes to small businesses, it is nearly impossible to overcome the issue without  professional accountants.

Why Tax Compliance?

No matter where your businesses originate, doing business in Canada as local or foreign investor needs professional advices. Businesses in Canada need to satisfy both Canada, the United States of America and international tax reporting obligation timely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our experienced tax professionals  work together with you to analyze all of your tax related issues and find correct reporting needs. Benefits of our tax compliance service  allow you to:

  1. optimize your business’ accounting methodologies and systems
  2. Boosts the benefits of tax deferral
  3. Speeds up expense claims
  4. Prepare tax and information returns, tax elections, ruling requests, estimation, voluntary disclosure requests, and other compliance with provincial and federal tax authorities
  5. Prompt response to audit requests from federal and provincial tax authorities
  6. Effectively manage a tax audit and negotiate with the authorities

We Are International

Accounting Mudul Tax developed and maintain an international network of tax professionals. With this network of professionals, you can get rapid tax advice on your local tax requirements, no matter where you operate your business.

Corporate Tax Compliance

Our corporate compliance includes tax recovery review, corporate taxation, Tax Credits, and CRA Audits.

Personal Tax Compliance

Our personal compliance services include dealing with individuals Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax. We offer personal tax compliance and advisory services to a wide range of individuals including professionals, self-employed individuals, and students to non-residents living in Canada.