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Personal Tax Returns (e File)

We help individuals to prepare and filing up Personal Tax Returns using our e File system.

Using our online Software, our clients can easily accomplish the task of submitting their Tax Returns electronically virtually from anywhere of the world.

e Filing and their benefits

Preparing and e Filing your Tax Returns through us shall ensure future book keeping which will form the basis of interim and annual reporting functions. With e Filing system, one can submit Tax Returns from anywhere of the world while you enjoy following benefits:

  1. Individual Information Returns
  2. Income Tax Returns
  3. Indirect Tax (i.e. HST) Returns
  4. Tax Credits and Incentives

We are international

Our client teams are structured for effectiveness and efficiency. Every contract partner is responsible for the success of the initiatives conducted on behalf of every client. Whatever is needed to succeed – expertise, tools, resources – this partner is able to immediately access through thousands of specialized BDO professionals in Canada’s largest cities, smallest communities, and over 100 countries worldwide.

Tax Review

You’ve worked a lifetime to build assets to benefit yourself and your family. We can help you define a clear vision for your financial future by creating an effective estate plan designed for you and your heirs. We will work with you, your family and other advisers to put your plan into action using tax-efficient methods that allow for maximum wealth preservation while minimizing taxes.

With increasingly changing personal situations, economic environments and revisions of Canadian tax laws, our experienced professionals will take every care of reviewing your annual Tax Returns to ensure you enjoy certain tax benefits including Tax Recovery Review, a service provided by AST to review your previously filed tax returns for claiming back potential missed opportunities.