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Business planning & incorporation

We provide advisory services to facilitate your business planning & incorporation.

We provide advisory services to facilitate your business planning & incorporation. Planning is a critical part of managing and succeeding in business. Business planning, often referred to as financial planning, helps determine your company’s capital requirements by providing an overview of the flow of cash in and out of the business.

Our Business Planning Advisory Services:

At AST, we are proud of being the private business owners’ personal adviser. In addition to offering accounting and taxation services, we also contribute to the following business planning & general services:

  1. Business Plan Preparation
  2. Financial Planning
  3. Government Grants and Applications for Loans
  4. Incorporation Assistance

Businesses planning advisory services include:

  1. Strategic business planning
  2. Evaluation of investment opportunities and/or investment alternatives
  3. Personnel recruitment and compensation packages
  4. Preparation of comprehensive business plans and bank financing proposals
  5. Assisting new business start-ups Insurance planning
  6. Review of ownership agreements
  7. Lease versus purchase decisions
  8. Financial projections
  9. Implementation of budgeting process
  10. Advice regarding shareholders’ agreements
  11. Assistance in negotiating the sale or acquisition of a business

Incorporation Assistance

For businesses that are currently operating as sole proprietor or partnership, and are intending to explore the benefits of incorporating, we are here to assist them by reviewing their financial information to determine whether it is beneficial for them to stay as a sole proprietor or partnership or to proceed for incorporation.