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Multi-year Tax filing

We facilitate individual or businesses to prepare and file multiple year Tax Returns in case prior tax returns have not been filed.

All businesses, large or small, are faced with the issue of managing taxes. How much you pay can be greatly influenced by your tax filing strategies. We’re familiar with a number of methods of increasing your bottom-line while lowering your pay-out of income taxes.

Multi-year tax filing – background and benefits

Letting old tax returns go un-filed, can impact your bank account and also lead to several other problems with the Internal Revenue Service. Our experienced professionals shall guide you to carefully prepare to file multiple years’ of outstanding tax returns reducing return preparation errors, thus helping you to keep as much money as possible in your pocket.

Based upon the cause of your filing delayed tax returns, no matter whether is it current-year delay or previous backlog, our veteran tax professionals shall advise and show you how to save your hard-earned money. Your multiple year tax filing through us, shall allow following benefits:

  1. Settlement of refund claims with CRA
  2. Submission of delayed returns
  3. Submission of substitute return